Saturday, May 9, 2009

This pain stinks

Umm.I don't know how to start this post or rather where to begin from.

Hhmm.Last week,or so I think,Hellven lost his ez card and he was quite upset about it.So he went to One Stop Center to report.

He was deadpanning.

Yesterday we headed to ArtBites for lunch. Didn't have appetite but I wanted to walk around.Came across a dead bird.Didn't want people to step onto it's dead body so Hellven used a card to carry the thing and put in onto the grass patch.

I wanted to write R.I.P on the card but nobody had markers/pens on them.It kinda look ironic though.

My left ear hurts.My left back gum hurts.The left side of my throat hurts.I can't chew with the left side of my teeth.
Reached home at around 2 plus in the morning.Slept till afternoon,took a bath,sat in front of the fan,unknowingly fell asleep,woke up at 4 plus.I still feel restless.I think I am falling sick.

Will update again when I get all the photos.

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