Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bad LUCK day!

13 May 2009 was NOT my day!In fact it was pretty dramatic.
I screwed up my presentation.Oh God.I don't want another C grade please.
And I had an UT dry run and I flunk it,totally.I couldn't complete it within 20 minutes.Oh my gosh.Imagine 45 minutes with more questions-what's gonna happen?O.O
I got a cartoon face!It's supposed to be my face with my name but...I don't know.

Anyway,had dance class at 7pm but we were super late so we decided to go for the next class which is 8pm.As usual on our way to the mrt station,we act retarded and crap around,disturbing the public.But who knows that the next thing that happened put an end to our glee.We were running late and we had decided to take a cab from Ang Mo Kio.And OH MY GOSH!The mrt broke down and was not in service between Ang Mo Kio and Khatib/Yishun(cannot remember,either one),resulting in serious human crowd(ARGH!) and I HATE crowds!That was NOT the end.We tried to take a cab at Ang Mo Kio BUT! we had many rivals and eventually,we took a random bus and alighted 2-3 stops later.BUT! lady luck was not smiling at us!We were like little kids,jay-running across traffic lights to and fro for those dense cabs!
30 minutes later,we were still stuck at the same spot.Cherie was super duper pissed because she had been flagging for half an hour yet there was not one available cab for us.Like where are all the cabs when you need them?!?
Eventually we gave up and headed back to Ang Mo Kio by bus.Guess what?The bus was on the verge of breaking down.Actually,it broke down but the bus driver somehow got it 'restarted'.Can this day get even worse?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
We were quite down so we headed to city hall to cheer ourselves up.Somehow or rather,we ended up doing this
See Cherie's hair effect!
Next,we headed to Marina square's Starbucks and slack.Webcammed with Agassiz using Cherie's laptop and took lots of crazy photos using Cherie's and mine laptops
This boy lose to me in scissor,paper,stone and got 2 strokes of whipped cream on his nose!
Too many photos to upload,feeling a bit lazy.

I can't believe the 4 of us actually act retarded,allowed the last team mate to capture it on the phone and put the photos on the slide.It was super funny!I was laughing till I cannot stand,even at my own photo!I am incredulous at what I had done.tsk.I would like to post those photos and share with everyone but it's a bit ya,too bad!E36B and Mr Oh were lucky to see it!hahas!
Crap,I can't believe I actually missed 3 floorball training sessions.Must start going next week already.

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