Friday, July 11, 2008

Pocketful of sunshine

Ok!Back to the old self!I apologise from the bottom of my heart for the previous post so just jolly well ignore it alrighty!

Updates for this week:
1. Missed lots of maths lesson due to Mr Lim's absence for track and field competition
2. I am very 'high'[high as in happy] for this week which I don't know why
3. Realised that my aunt's oven is not for baking and I wasted my money-.-
4. I laughed till I dropped,as in really dropped
5. The boys in my class[despite the number] are extremely entertaining!:D
6. Humans can be so selfish and irresponsible.How in the world do I meet these people?!?
I pity them though.tsk.

I started on revision already which I am really glad.After all,I promised myself to score a good grade,enter the course that I want and of course,not letting my Grandpapa down.Anyway,this whole entire week was great because I practically laughed non-stop for days.Laughed about the past,about how thick skinned Kaya[take note!] and Donovan[with high self esteem!] can get,my funny actions,how bad is my stm etc.[I wanted to type something but I forgot-.-]
Had Hans today around Chinatown area with Kaya and TWL.As usual,had a great time laughing non stop at nonsensical things.Well,that's us alright:D
In order to understand our jokes/nonsenses/craps,you just have to possess our kind of mentality.So too bad if you don't have!
Had lots of talks about the FUTURE with different people,What lies ahead,what courses to take,applying for DPA.which poly to go etc.It's interesting to see their answers.I mean,you will never know what are they going to end up as!It's just a bit tough to imagine.

The best way to define: Laugh till you DROP!

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