Sunday, May 18, 2008


17th May 2008
Went out with Phyllis and Joanne with something in mindS.AND as usual,our MISS LEW was about an hour late!!Actually I am used to it due to many 'intensive trainings' from our MISS LIU.hahahas!!Can't help it but it's the truth eh?
Anyway,had lunch at the Jap restaurant.Let's just say that the meal could last us till the next morning.Was talking about the plan and stuff,went to Newbie,bought a tee with Phy and other things and TADA!!we were officially BROKE.Kinda pathetic though.After which,headed to Phy's house area for a game of badminton.Was laughing so hard that we got drained.headed off at around 7plus with Joanne.

18th May 2008
While I was on my way to orchard on a bus,I saw many maids,[but have no idea which countries they were from] and the first thought that came into my mind was:'Are they going to have a 'picnic' at orchard MRT station?' But I remembered signs hanging around stating:'Please do not OBSTRUCT the passage way.' I think those signs are referring to them.Look,it's not that I have a thing against maids but seriously,sitting around Orchard Road? Like HELLO!Orchard Road is a so-called 'high' class area.With those maids sitting around there,won't it be like 'pulling' down the reputation and occupying[or should I say hindering/obstructing?] the walkway?If they wanna find somewhere to sit,go find a park or garden.Isn't it better?They get to enjoy the fresh air,kite-flying and even lay mats on the floor to protect their pants!!It's not that they cannot enter Orchard but at least walk around or slack around their common area like Lucky Plaza instead of increasing the flow of human traffics in Orchard when it's already so crowded!!Jeezz,why am I saying all these?!?O_O
Whatever.headed to paragon for dinner at some Chinese restaurant.Went to Taka's kinokuniya.So many nice booksss there!!:] Headed to Coffee Club to slack.Wanted to catch a midnight movie but dropped the plan as something crops up and headed home instead.
Noelle is in Trinity PL youth cell!!Didn't know PL have youth cell on sundays cause Adam's road didn't have when I asked.AHH!!
Going out with Karyee and Pearl tomorrow.WHEEEE!!hahas!

Don't act in front of me as it irratates me even more and I meant what I say.

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