Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Like the way I smile to myself

{summer oh summer(:}

YESSSSSSSSSSS!Mid years are finally... O-V-E-R!!
BUT!!That's not exactly the end.jeezzz.
Holidays are coming=Chinese Os are coming
See what I mean?tsk.


Tomorrow's marking day which also means no school.
And ya,my aunt commanded me to go to orchard with her tomorrow.jeezz,what a way to spend my free day.
Oh and I had finished watching La Coda D'oro.Super niceee!!Not gonna hunt for anymore animes/drama series until the Os are officially over.I will try my very best to resist the temptation so you've just got to help me by not updating me for any new animes/shows.I will be living in a cave,being a dinosaur for this whole entire year and I am very determine to do so.lalala.

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