Friday, May 9, 2008

Didn't we meet by chance?

Soooooooooooo,I am back to watching animes again.Going to finish watching La Corda D'oro soon:D
Exams was horrible,terrible plus vegetable cause I didn't finish most of the papers due to the lack of time and plus the fact that I did TOO SLOWLY especially MATHS paper2.I lost like 51 marks.zzz!! @!#$%^&*
And I suffered from headache while doing Physics,all thanks to Maths paper2,the paper which took up all of my braincells and left none for Physics!! @#$%^&*!!
Actually,didn't really study much cause I wasn't really in the study mood.awwww.I think I am gonna fail my mid-year:[ blah.What's over is already over.No use dwelling on it.Thou says learn from your mistakes.wahahas!
I need shopping therapy!!
Oh and my damn brother bought the Ipod nano already.Jeezzzzzz,I am dead jealoussssss!!When will I be getting mine?!?
KARYEE & PEARL,shop till we drop?hahas!
PHYLLIS,XINYI,JOANNE,meet up soonnnn!!

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