Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's an early night

Oh my,look at the time and I am still wide awake.By this time,I should already be in bed,snoring away like any other kids but I chose not to.Instead,I chose to blog.
Was browsing through Uncle Ed's blog.While I was reading his posts,I suddenly felt inferior.Just take a look at his English!It's fluent and elegant.It's as though as every time you enter his blog,you will learn a new word and at the same time,gain some knowledge on New York.Nevertheless,I got mesmerised by his English.No doubt about it,he went to New York for further studies but I am already looking forward to his flight back to Singapore.Wonder when will that be?And yupps,he is my uncle,an educator and an ex-BB boy!Boy are we all proud of him(:
Enough of those boasting,I am proud of myself today!I started on my Chemistry homework,did 3 topics and I am still on-going!hahas!
There's a piece of sad news.Mr low will be leaving us.Sigh.Another talent gone and what are we left with?Ain't there anymore hopes for POA?Our POA is already deteriorating and with him leaving us,what's gonna happen next?I dare not imagine.Let's just hope for the best.Wish him all the best in whatever lies ahead of him.

Tip:The weathers nowadays are unpredictable.You will never know when is hot and sunny and when is wet and runny.So whenever you make plans,ensure another back-up date.You will never know when it will come in handy!

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