Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's now or never

Gathering at my aunt's house today.The house was like so noisy because of my cousins!hahas!And my brother is like playing highstreet5!Something like audition but it's a bit more complicated though.AND AND take this chance to use the internet and MSN.wahahas!The mahjong gang is going to play overnight,I think.
OHH and I am so excited about tomorrow!I am gonna meet Noelle at church!It's like we haven't seen each other for a super long time and we happened to go to the same church without us knowing it!hahas!Wheeee!!
Chinese Os is on Monday and I totally forgot that I am taking both Papers1&2!I thought I only had paper2 on that day.ARGH!need to go home to study the formats.Sheesh,I am taking the exam and I completely forgot about it!Like OMGosh!

Kay,I am talking to Noelle online and I am very excited!Gosh!Guess tonight will be sleepless:)

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