Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let's just keep it that way

Holidays are flying so quickly!One week of holidays just went by like this!Please let the time crawl!I need more time to rush those homeworks!XD
My phone was sent to the service centre on sunday to change the keypads and buttons and I got it back yesterday.Hope that it won't give me anymore problems!*pray hard*
Borrowed 2 books from the library.wheeee!Just the thing I need.hehe.But one book was full of vulgarities and I couldn't stand it so I didn't finish reading the book.blah.While the another book was niceee:D Maybe I will head to the library again?hahas!
Looking forward to some upcoming gatherings like the sentosa outing and the east coast outing.Hhmm.Never hang out with girlfriends.tsk.Had been feeling extremly lazy.Argh!I need to kick this bad habit,seriously!

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