Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stroke the Golden String

Ya Da Ya Da.Had been happily slacking for the past few days.zZz.
My inspiration is not here to help me.tsk.Anyway,congrats to Pearl for passing her maths test for,from what she claimed,the first time in her life.The truth is...Hhmm...I shall be a nice person and will not say it.hahas!Nevertheless,good for her!^^
Mid Year is coming and things are getting out of hand.Not studying,keep playing DS,using computer and as usual,all those common distractions.
Talked to my mum yesterday.It's time to make a decision but I still don't know what to do-.- She told me to take up accounts.After poly life,go Australia with her and be an accountant there while she goes into an art school.[I finally know the reason why my brother favours art so much.He inherited from her.] My first reaction was:'YUCKS!I never like being an accountant!That's the last choice on my list!' But come to think about it again,I really have no idea what I want to do when others know what they want in life.All I know is that I should study hard and get good grades.Geez,I sounds life-less-.- Oh well,I shall think about that in the later part of life.Meanwhile,I need to give myself a little scare,in order to motivate myself to study and get out of GESS.
Tomorrow's Thursday;assembly.It felt like yesterday though.hahas.Guess many boys won't be coming to school tomorrow due to SS.The populations of the guys in class is already so little yet they still don't want to come.tsk.I think it will be an all-girls' class tomorrow.hahas!Just have to wait and seeee.

Got to go off to do my homework.rawrrrr.Ciao!

I think you are pathetic-.- I don't hate you but at the same time,I can't tolerate the way you behave/act/do things.I have to resort to all ways and means to know exactly what you are thinking and which is the real you because you are always in a mute mode.But now,thank you very much,I finally know what are your true colours.

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