Saturday, April 12, 2008

I just wanna SCREAM at the top of the MOUNTAIN!

Gala night was nice.Hhmm.The performance and everything!I think those performers did their best and it was quite an awesome show!Oh and everyone sang the school song rather LOUDLY.I think those voices,or rather shoutings,come mostly from those ex-Gessians!They act as though as if they haven't sang the school song for like 10 years?!?hahas!I bet Mr Giam must be smiling WIDELY.wahahas!
Anyway,Went for supper after the thing.Something cropped up and must be me who ruined the whole atmosphere.I felt damn guilty even though I didn't show it!>.<
Was late for Physics this morning,kinda expected.And I was thinking,since I am walking to school,why don't I grab myself breakfast?hahas!Rained heavily and Mr Lim was nice enough to send us to Tiong upon Shunhui's request.Hhmm.Headed to Bugis to look for mum and brother.That idiot sorta ruined my WHOLE MOOD!>: Then went to Suntec.Didn't manage to get any sling bag cause none caught my eyes.It's EITHER the shape or the design.Tsk.I think I am picky:/ Slacked at TCC.My mood changed for the better cause of CHOCOLATE!Don't you agree that Chocolates are ladies' favourite?:) Headed back to Suntec with Mum and bought a Fila Top.

p/s JessicaONG:Dont worry about it alright?SO SORRY!>.<'
p/p/s Karyee:A endless rows of apologies to you!>.<''
p/p/p/s Pearl:ARGHHH!I AM GULITY ALREADY!>.<'''

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