Thursday, April 3, 2008

The simplest thing can be the most difficult thing

Today was a HORRIBLE day.So many SURPRISE tests!I think all the teachers PMS.Hhmm,maybe they haven't got their pay?:/
Alright,enough of all those.Today's debate was erm...not exactly what I call interesting.hahas!Basically,I think the points got all mixed up but nevertheless,I think it was alright cause they tried their best.
Yap Kar Yee followed me home upon learning the news that I was cooking so she insisted on tagging along.Well,it was quite fun right?All she did was drink a few glasses of cold water and cut the mushroom and sausages.Cooking was,obviously,done by me.I 'learned' a new logic today.My dearest friend;Yap Kar Yee,told me this:'You know what?If you want to know whether is the spaghetti cooked,you take a strand of noodle and throw it against the wall.If it sticks,it means its cooked already.' BUT don't even follow this dumb logic.It's best to trust your own instinct in cooking.So after which,we played The Game Of Life and Monopoly which was quite funny cause we were laughing like crazy and she actually screamed when I approached her from the back.Obviously she attempt to cheat but unfortunately,she got caught by me(:
So we chatted and have dessert from the market and it was home sweet home.
Off for my show!Ciao!
Count down to Gala Night!;)
It's a date this saturday!:D

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