Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy April!

Time really flies and it's the month of April already which means Chinese Os are coming real soon:/ But today is a pretty interesting day for most of us.HhMm.All the talks and stuff,I think that is the only source of motivation,agree? But before that,I wanna talk about something that's pathetic-.-
Reason being why I haven't being going online is that my computer is pathetic,as in,really pathetic.Previously the CPU broke down,can't even switch on.So I took out the CPU that was being used 6 years ago.So what's with this CPU?This CPU has a in-built modem which means in short,I am using dial up.Everyone,including me,are wondering:'Who the heck still use dial up nowadays?Everyone is using broadband already!' Like I said,I dont have a choice.Dial up is seriously slow.Oh well,never mind.I get to train my patience level anyway(: The msn is not working so I can't sign in. :(
As I was saying,the source of motivation.Yes.All those talks with Xingyi,Shimin,Jiaying and Karyee were super hilarious!Huiying and Pearl were the audience.Yupps.We were talking about after Os;which is like,still quite far away.They wanted to plan a trip like somewhere short like Genting or Thailand.I was like:'huh?why such places?' Cause they think that it's cheap and near.Malaysia is like dangerous and boring to me and the fact that Thailand has many she-males tickles Karyee and me into non-stop laughing.OMGosh!Anyway,Karyee and I were thinking of travelling after the Os,to AUSTRALIA and EUROPE!But first,we need to get the driving licences.hahas!So with that,suddenly,we felt like studying hard so that after everything,we can enjoy and slack as much as we want to.For the sake of travelling,we must work on it.hahas!
Oh ya!Had my english oral today.I think I blew it?Mr Tan was like:'You said too much YAs in the conversation.Don't do it for O level.' and so on and so forth.Karyee was nice to wait for me.hahas!After which,we went to Tiong.Couldn't find what I wanted so I had my earliest dinner at 4pm!Cool huh?Went to Huiying's house.Not much varieties,we need shopping.hahas!
Oh and by the way,I had decided to walk to school from now onwards.Can exercise and enjoy the musics in the mp3 longer.The distance is actually quite alright.Just that I tend to perspire when I reached school:/
Countdown to Gala Night!:D
Oh right.Off to watch my show.It's ending this week:(

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