Monday, April 7, 2008

Be WARY about the people around you

5 April's outing was pretty awesome and fun!Pearl,the two JessicaS,Jiaying,Huiying,Karyee and I.Hhmm.Apparently,it seems like that was the first time I actually went in to explore BUGIS STREET!I am not a fan of Bugis Street and I hardly step in cause it's smoky and I can't stand it.Nevertheless,Huiying manage to get a dress that suits her for Gala night.Hung out till at night.Home at around 10 plus(: Looking forward to the next outing!:D
Talked to my brother,about primary school and secondary school lives.His class was wicked and mean towards that poor girl.Aww.maybe she did something that makes everyone dislike her?hahas.Who knows?Both of us were like laughing like crazy.wahahas!
Saw Dewi at OG.Couldn't recognise her cause she changed alot.We got lots of catching ups to do(: She will be leaving for States in September so right now she is slacking around,waiting for time to fly.Gonna meet her up for lunch one day.hahas!She will be gone for 4-5 years and so will miss her hell lots:}
Monday blues are horrible!Felt so sleppy and restless.zZz.Mr Low was smiling away today,for dont know what reason.He was in a bad mood last week.Maybe he got his pay?Who knows?*shrugs* On the other hand,Mr Lim was in a PMS mood.Maybe his pay was short of a few thousand?Who knows?*Double shrugs*

One thing that always curious me was:Why is it that the real backstabber actually gets away scott-free all the time and pretend that nothing has happened and continue being the BFF with the victim?Oh well,I think it's time to fake ignorance too cause I can't be bothered about it.

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