Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beau Soir

FINALLY!I can enter the blog site!Had been trying real hard but somehow it didn't work.Wanted to upload photos but it has been taking a long time.Oh well,I will upload it another day then:)

Updates from the previous week:
1:I think Chinese Oral was a complete DISASTER
2:Mid Year was NIGHTMARE
3:I went to the GYM with Pearl on Friday:D[like finally I managed to exercise!]
4:Peer tutor on Saturday was INSANE!
5:Singapore Flyer is SUPERRRR NICEEEEE:D

I can jolly well say that I flunk my Chinese oral cause I've got nothing to bomb to the teacher,the teacher is fast in her reaction and that I slang in the conversation.OMG!It's a JOKE alright!
Didn't complete my English paper.zzz.ARGH!Another JOKE again!Why?The answer is an easy an A-B-C.For the Chinese compo,I wrote on the reflection of the newspaper article.
The question goes something like this:Nowadays donations have fell.What are your views on this?[From what I can remember.Hhmm.I have STM alright!]
So we are supposed to state 3 causes of this problem and suggest 3 solutions to this problem.Let me recall my dumb answers.
3 Causes
-People feared that history will repeat.You know,the golden toilet?
-People got no money.Everything increased but not the salaries.[OMG!WHAT WAS I THINKING?]
-Those able-to-work people fed on donations.[OMGx2!WHAT WAS I WRITING?]
3 Solutions
-Get the person who is holding the donations to come out and ensure that he/she will not use the funds for personal use.[so far so good.]
-Get the government to increase the salaries of all the working Singaporeans.[LIKE HUH?!?]
-Get those who are still able to move to work.Save those funds for those who need it even more than they do.[NO LINK AT ALL LAA.]
I pity the teacher who is going to mark my paper,seriously.I think that teacher is gonna laugh like there's no tomorrow.
Moving on,GYM!hahas!Erm,it looks like I burned 100++ calories and gained back the 100++ calories.No difference-.-
Peer tutor on saturday was brief.Managed to learn a couple of stuffs.Thank you Ke Yuan for tolerating my nonsense and chim questions.hahas!Went home after that,met Matt and Mum to buy his notebook.GRRRR.hahas!I will get mine soon,next year next year:) Got my 4GB thumbprint.hahas!Thanks loads mummy!Headed to Suntec and bought a FOX top and mum got a top too.Once again,Double thanks!:D
Sat the Singapore Flyer.WOO~Not bad eh.It was super duper COOL.You don't feel the thing moving and the scenaries are nice.Should give it a try:)
Had fever cum flu cum blocked nose.jeez,it was horrible.My face was red,my voice was deepened.Skipped school for 2 days.Had Practical exams today.I blew it!tsk.I can't believe I didn't understand the Physics question.what a HORROR!Must study hard.hahas!Tomorrow's labour day and I am GOING to study.Good-ByeS to distractions and HelloS to textbooks and notes!:D
What a super long post.Skip it unless you are too bored.hahas!
Lastly,Mother's Day is around the corner.The best gift you can get for your mum is your mid year results so that she can boast you off to her friends.wahahas!Don't take me for real.Actually,whatever you get for your mum is fine.Be it the 30$++ bunch of flowers or the road side picked kind,it's the thought that counts.Treat her like how you normally treat her but with a little special effect.Don't forget the hugs and kisses.hahas!:}
I bought a Sun-block lotion as suggested by Karyee and Pearl.Actually the real reason is that I fear freckles on my face!Sheesh,I was thinking too much while I was washing my face. Nevertheless,we must maintain our skin condition at 24/7.Sesame is good for skin complexion.

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