Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Beneath the Milky Twilight

Haven't been updating.The ONE and ONLY reason is because my computer BROKE DOWN!
Oh my goodness!Have to wait till the end of march when my broadband line is up!MAYBE I can get a new desktop!hahas!
Anyway,days have been crappy.Had been suffering 'illnesses' like Monday Blues,Restless,Slacking and etc etc.Too many to name.zzz
Mock exam the whole day today.ALMOST felt asleep during english paper.OMG!Can you believe it?I need to be stronger than last time.No more playtime after the holidays.It will be ONLY: SCHOOL-HOME-WORK-SCHOOL-HOME-WORK.I will be a NO-LIFE kid for this year then.For the sake of my studies/future or whatever you call it.
Another update.Mummy wants me to decide what I want to study.She is going to send me abroad!Maybe she is sending after Os.So I have a few months left to decide what I really want in life.ARGH!I think I need counselling/talks/heart to heart bla.
ACE camp tomorrow.I predict that it is gonna be so boring.TSK.

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