Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Alrighty.The month of FEBRUARY is also known as the month of BEING BROKE!why?cause there are TONS of movies I WANNA CATCH!:D
The love story that soared to No. 1 at Japan’s box office. Based on a cell-phone novel that moved 11 million to tears, SKY OF LOVE is a story of an average girl’s three stormy years of high school.
While her friends are absorbed about finding boyfriends, Mika is clueless about falling in love. She begins receiving phone calls from a boy she doesn’t know and is gradually drawn to him. She finally meets the boy but their happy days soon pass as trouble is on the horizon.
L:Change the World

The Leap Years
Adapted from the story Leap of Love by internationally acclaimed author Dr. Catherine Lim. The radiant power of young love can overcome all twists and turns of Fate

Pearl wanna watch this movie
Karyee wanna watch this
See what I meant?tsk.I need to control my spending,seriously!OMTian!I am SOOO looking forward to SKY OF LOVE!I wonder will I tear when I watch.Hhmm.hahas!I am counting down to 6 March 2008.Gonna watch that with Karyee.Whoopee!:D The guy's hair is so cool.yes?no?hahas!My brother bought the books from kinokuniya.I read a bit and it's really saddening!I wonder are they the same?Hhmm.
Meanwhile...I should focus on studying.[something which i tried doing so badly but failed:(] I should try harder.

GREAT,I skipped my medication today.How 'wonderful'.I felt warm,think I am gonna get a fever soon!xp

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