Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last Farewell

HELLO PEEPS!hahas!Blogging from my aunt's laptop.Finally get to use the computer DECENTLY AFTER FOR SO LONG!This blog is losing many readers because it feels like it had been abandoned.I need to add some more entries for march archives.hahas!Please tagg/spamm/flood to keep this taggyboard alive.Much thanks:)
[gee,It sounds pathetic-.-]
Had been going back to school for LCCI.Seriously I dont know why I took up this course.I asked my mum and she said just take it.I was like huh?Oh,Take take lor.Sounds dumb?I think so too.Holidays are gone just like that.So far,I had only completed the physics worksheet.WOW.'impressive' eh?Dont even have the time to study,partially is also the mood la.
I had been watching animax music station,mtv both english and chinese to kill time.wahaha!Discovered lots of great songs,both past and current.Korean,Jap,English and Chinese.You can say the feeling is shiok cause got many songs to get addicted to.hehe.I am already addicted to some songs.gosh,that was pretty fast.
Another great news: TIONG BAHRU PLAZA IS FINALLY HAVING A CHANGE!There are many things now,more varieties and bla.Finally!I have been waiting for this day for SO LONG!hahas!
Karyee came to my house to do baking today.She failed quite a few times though but in the end,all turned out well.Good for her.Let's just say that she thinks that housewives are very capable.hahas!I made cheesecake.hahas.Short to say,Karyee turned my whole kitchen upside down.I did quite a lot of cleaning today though,kindos to her.She 'scolded' me today cause i ate the first batch of edible cookies!Evil sia.&& that's not the only reason.There's more to it.tsk.
Anyway,I am SO GONNA catch Step up 2!

AHHHH!It's a MUST to watch!Any takers?hahas!;)

Since school is gonna reopen,after I watch Step up2,The leap years and maybe the water horse,I am going to stop going out and follow my 'brillant' plan.HOME STUDY HOME STUDY HOME STUDY. Dont try to tempt me with other stuffs.Much thanks:D hahas!I am gonna be a life-less kid this year.YES and nobody,may I emphasis NOBODY, shall be able to pull my distraction away.MUhahas!

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