Friday, February 15, 2008

V day?

Kay,my cough just got even MORE serious than before and so is my dry throat.damn.Had been snacking on chocolate-related stuff. && I watched Kung Fu Dunk with Jo and Twinee.Thanks twinee for the treat(:
He was pretty innocent in that show,especially his looks.hahas.Laughed like crazy.I think the 3 of us make the most noise.hahas!
Met Kar yesterday for movie but some stuff cropped up resulting to shopping.&& I finally bought my belt!after for so long(:

V day presents

Chocolate with lots of cream from Karyee and Weiling(:

Delightful treats from Eqa!

V day cards from Karyee and Weiling<3


Karyee and her nonsense.but that is also why we are friends.yes?no?

Gave Eqa chocolate,Weiling and Karyee flowers,Pearl chocolate,Twinee,Jo and Phy brownie cake.
Gotta go for gathering later.
Till then!(:

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