Saturday, December 8, 2007

then again,it might not be true

Havent been using the computer for so long.Never been updating and I think I am gonna lose my readers!hahas!XD
Holidays have been boring cause stuck up at home,nothing to do except entertaining my cousins.Pearl went for her Japan trip,kar is working thus leaving me alone-.- I am like facing four walls everyday.[not forgetting my DS,of course!]
Anyway,my aunt and her family went to Taiwan today.My brother and my grand's sister's family is going there too,except that their flight is in the evening so I guess they will be meeting.Its gonna be rainy days in Taiwan.hahas!
Results will be out real soon.Dont wanna think about it until I can talk to Pearl/Kar.>.<
Shopping with aunt next week.oh my gosh!I am gonna spend again.Should it be a hai or hahas?
I got lots of cravings recently.Pizzas to Jack's Place to Pastas.Kay,that is so random.

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