Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ironic isn't it?

Kay,16 finally!A very big thank you to you guys!
Donovan,Wanyee,vera,daphne,pearl,yiren,shunhui,weiyuan,jean,peixian,jasmine,chienmay,phyllis,jessica,waileong,net and more.Cant remember though.A very big thank you to you guys!:D
Anyway,my computer is down.sucky,i know.
Pearl bought me stuff from Japan.thanks girl!:D met her today.Starbucks;) I waited for her for about an hour?hahas!well,on account on the gifts,i forgive her:D she is seriously trying to torture me with some weird sweets from sucks!hahas!joking:p
saw ahem.we promised not to say anything right pearl?no?hahas!
results are really out soon.blah.not gonna think about it.pearl,more talks please!I cant seem to get enough of it.

its ironic how all your close friends can forget your day.
I meant,ain't they supposed to remember it cause they are your close friends?
maybe I am thinking too much

somehow i am not even excited about it

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