Saturday, December 1, 2007

Random part 1?

Its 2354 now yet I am still not asleep.why?cause downloading maple.Please allow me to play maple in this computer!*fingers crossed* 1 hour 20 mins more!:S
Went Zhangde today for GB Family Day.Did traffic and got bitten.ouch!It was alright though,not that awesome/interesting/fun/_[fill in the blanks yourself].Average bah:/ My twin and I laughed like mad today,especially when Miss Tan became a chiong-ster/drama mama.hahas!The songs sang were like lullaby and plus the fact that I was super tired cause I slept late.ZzZ.Ohh and the songs were on pretty high notes and I couldnt catch(:
Went lunch with Mrs Tan and Miss Tan.Thai Express.Miss Tan's treat!Thanks a lot:D Mrs Tan left halfway.Then went to Coffee Bean[Oh my!] for a gingerbread man.hahas!Funny tales!C=
Updated bank book and head to Great world to find pearl to settle off my debts.I got crazy over the DS game.I must be partially insane.XD
Anybody got Goong S VCD/DVD?I wanna borrow!(:
Oh and pearl is meeting me soon for a game.I am just waiting.

Its 0007 already!Morning!*grins*
1 hour 6 mins more!
I know what to do on my birthday le!DS the whole day at home!XD

Those strange dreams
They just kept coming and coming
Somebody please assure me everything's alright

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