Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That's how it goes:/

Went to meet the VP this morning.Instead of 10 people,4 came instead.hahas!Carmel,me,alex and qihao.The VP told me to drop F&N cause too many subjects,go poly only need 5.So dont need to study so many-.-
Went home.Pearl came to my house later cause she was waiting for Charles.She dropped F&N too!hahas,suprisingly.Laughed like mad.
Actually nothing much to update though.In order to keep this blog alive,I have to blog about everything and anything.Time is flying fast,holidays are gonna end.and I havent finish my Christmas shopping.damn.
Attempted to study today but failed.Never mind,I will succeed tomorrow.Muhahahas!I lost my SS homework.Can a kind soul out there lend me those worksheets?

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