Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Results are out!

Firstly,thanks ZHENGYEE for the birthday wish.SORRY that I missed out your important name.hahas!Settled?peace alright?hahas!
Haven't been up to any mischief lately.hahs.results are out.Thanks for the lucks.Felt disappointed though:/ Didnt hit my targets,English and Chinese were sucky.What unexpected was,I got a 1 for POA.I was like eh?!? Dont wanna blog about results already.
Today was a very surprisingly day.My ex-classmate,the one whom scolded me,actually talked to me on the bus today!At first when I saw her,I pretended not to notice her but she approached me instead and I was like...?!?Anyway,yeah,nothing much though.Went out with Pearl.Didnt have the mood to buy gifts.Don't stress kay?I got lots of stuff to discuss with mum.Well,see how it goes.
Surf the net for Marine Biology courses in Australia.its not easy,tough job.I have to undergo a IELTS test for my english and the fee is like 300$?Thats not all,I still have to hit the minimum requirements.waaa...stressful-.-[see those white hairs?It comes from too much thinkings]
Meeting Mr Ouyong tomorrow.My time is at...WHAT?!?8am?!?SO EARLY?!?>.<
Bad news.My earpiece is down which means I need to buy a new pair.sian...
Meeting mum tomorrow.She said that it calls for a celebration.I was like...wait till you see the result slip.Gonna eat with guilt.

Let time heal the wounds

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