Monday, December 24, 2007

Once bitten,twice shy

So you're longing for the warmth of somebody,
You've got nothing in the world to lose.
Let me take you down where love lies,
Come away,come on out of you blues.
-Alison Limerick

Had been reading a book.Title is the wrong boy.OMGosh!Its a very nice book;sad and touching at the same time.Go and check it out.
Tomorrow's Christmas Day.Wheee!Huiying,I've got your gift me up alright?hahas!And Karyee,I will meet you soon.promise.hahas!Liping,I will message you.heh.
Homework are not done at all!Thanks to huiying for helping me to photocopy the SS worksheets.You totally rocks,girl.*winks* Anyway,I went out with Huiying a few days ago and we shopped like mad.Yes,christmas presents.We spent like a bomb on it!hahas!Thanks for buying the gigantic eeyore for me!I am SO SO SO touched(:

We are short of a Pooh bear:(

Anyway,current obessed with korea shows.Witch You hee is gonna end soon.Jhonny so funny.hahas!Hwangjini is so sad.Pity her lots.hahas!Zhumeng forever so exciting(: hehe!
last but not least...


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