Friday, November 30, 2007


Yo people!I know I had been MIA for sooo long.[like anyone care?]Anyway,Had been obsessed with Maple Story.Had been training like mad and its really not easy at all.Kill everything like mad but still...hahas.Kay,second obsession,watching the prince of legend from channel 55;a korean show.Quite nice(: Third obsession,the recent DS games.I cant believe I let Pearl talk me into buying 2 DS games!And the worse is,I own her money.Thanks Pearl and gratz for talking me into that-.-
Results are out soon.sigh.Dont know what to do.Thinking will only kill more brain cells.PEARL!TALK TO MEEEE!Oh and by the way,pearl is flying to japan soon!I will be alone for that pathetic one week!:( [remember to get me a soft toy!:D]
Met pearl today at Vivo.THEN AS USUAL,SHE'S LATE.tsk.forever eh?Bought her GAP coat.O_O hahas!Then starbucks,slacked.Went back home to get my DS games case and head to Funan.Sold the games and bought back more-.- chatted alot with her(: I am going crazy with books again...

My birthday is coming!wheeee~

So many strange dreams recently.
About the past and now,
whats going on?

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