Friday, December 28, 2007

Flip Flops are just lazy excuses(:

{Meet my new friend,Apple(:}
Went out with Kar and Wei.See Apple?That's from kar and wei.Thanks a lot!:D hahas!my cousins went C-R-A-Z-Y over it.Anyway,Read the message wrongly.reached orchard at around 12.30pm when we were supposed to meet at 12.50pm.Both ladies were late and I waited almost an hour for them.Why am I always the one who is waiting for people?>.<>
Sat at TCC.hahas!Had the talk of our time.About mirgrating,future,studies and blah and all Kar emphasised was marriage and becoming a tai-tai.hahas!We all know she's just joking(;
Schools gonna start again and I haven't even bought the school books.bleah.
Witch Yoo Hee is ending today!:(
School's gonna start real soon.Should I be happy or miserable?:/
Flip Flops are lazy excuses(:

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