Monday, December 31, 2007

5..4..3..2..1..HAPPY NEW year?

In a few hours time,A new year is going to start.A stressful year is going to begin.Our worst nightmare,the worst fear...Kay,I am exaggerating it.Anyway,Break a leg for next year!:D

New Year Resolutions:
-To pass O levels with flying colours
-To stop being lazy
-To cut my fringe
-To save lots of money(:(:
-Improve my dear memory
That's currently all even though I believe there's more to it but it's just that I am too lazy to think.[Note point 2:see what I meant?]hahas.Holidays makes me lazy.My cousin's neighbour was actually playing audition!Aww...I missed that game so much though.hai.School's going to start and friends are gonna see each other again.Let's hope that 2008 is gonna be a good year for everyone!;)
Last but not least...An advance greeting from me to you people...

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