Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stay with me tonight?

Kay,I shouldn't be here but pathetically,it looks like I have a lack of self-control-.- Anyway,stuffs to update on my 'exciting' first day of school.sound stupid right?I know cause I think it is too.

5A is my class and I don't really like that class.The girls in the class is doubled the number of boys whereas 5B is flooded with boys cause they only have 9 girls and 30+ boys-.- Maybe I am just not used to many girls in the class.After all,I had been in a 'more boys class' for 2 years.*shrugs* The clowns are all in 5B!Daniel,Riyas,Ben etc.My class?Don't have sia!All the boys crowd in a corner instead.Hope that this won't be a boring class.Suddenly,I can't wait for graduation.

Anyway,I really need to study.Bring the focus back!Oh ya,Mr Lim Choon Beng is my physics teacher!X] Let's pray hard,fingers crossed that he is a good teacher who can save my hopeless science!English test this week,I am going to strive hard...I guess?I am starting to miss 4B'07 already:(

P.S.Congrats Chienmay!For getting the course you wanted.At least me and Pearl didn't went in vain with you!Jiayou alright?:D:D:D

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