Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am a H-A-P-P-Y kid(:(:(:

Alright,I JUST opened my Christmas presents.Oh my gosh!How late can I can?hahas!Anyway,I opened it with excitement(:[tons of it!] Well,that's me right?hahas!How can you not be happy when you open your presents?GOSH,I felt like a S-M-A-L-L kid.heh.
I went shopping with my aunt at parkway.She 'attempted' to 'transform' me again but failed.MUHAHAHAS!Anyway,I thanked her for buying those clothings for me.Appreciate it so much!:D

From right:Mango top,Mango long tee,Op tee,Spaghetti Strap basic tee,Calvin Klein long sleeve

Tees from Giordano,Elle active and esprit(:

Wallet from wallet shop,Perfume and Body Lotion from Dior

I don't need to spend money on buying a wallet!hahas!Someone bought it for me and I am so happy!:D My brother was pretty nice to me too.He bought a mickey mouse cap and a keychain from taiwan for meee!hahas!So nice of him(:
Alright.I haven't touched my SS homework and I am SO in trouble.School's gonna start,Books not bought and homework not done.holidays gonna end soon!:(

I am HAPPY today!(:(:(:

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