Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's crazy how fast things change.

Hi my fellow reader(s) who continue visiting this URL despite the lack of constant updates,

Don't use my blog and twitter to see how my relationship is going. I could blog "I'm so done" and it'll be because my mom didn't get me McDonald.

Just kidding, hahaha!

But it is about friendships, really. I am so pressed for time due to my incapability of managing my priorities (school, work, assignments, Tchoukball etc) properly, where got time to date? I am probably going to buy my own studio apartment at the age of 35 and get a corgi as my companion (despite the constant complaints about Monty).

It's just, as I grow, I start to realise...
...who are the ones that matter
...who are the ones that are genuine
...who are the ones that are worth fighting for
...who are the ones that will never leave
...who are the ones that are worth keeping

Pretty sad, isn't it?

It takes only one match to burn down a bridge but I have so many bridges to burn that I need a matchbox.

Anyhow, I, of course, will announce the great news should I get attached.
Or wait,

maybe not.

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