Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Age is a case of mind over matter

First day of work. Well, let's just say, I am not suited for desk bound jobs. Actually, not really. If my workloads are interesting and not being repetitive, I can survive for long. Right now, I am practically fighting the heavy eyelids and constant yawning every single second. Yeah, that's how mundane my job is. Even one of the office ladies pity me.

Moving on, met up the girlfriends after work (short of 1) for a catch up session. As usual, gossiping updates from them. Truth to be told, they seems to have so many guys going in and out of their lives until I can't keep up. Whenever someone new is mentioned, I will have to 'eh, what about the previous one?'.
Turns out, I keep forgetting the stories and I find myself asking the same questions each time we meet up. Sigh. Either I can't keep track of their love lives or they indeed have extremely happening love lives, contrary to mine.

As usual, it is a norm to take many many photos, best to the point of spamming the phone. Orchard Central and Centrepoint have many pretty Christmas decorations and people were blocking the way to take photos so we joined in the 'fun' as well:)

See, on the escalator also must take. Every moment is a kodak moment

See Wei carrying the head and smiling as though as everything is fine. Gosh, she can be a real sadist at times.

Wei's photography skills cannot make it, laugh. She claimed that she was too anxious so got to retake.

These 2 are the most awkward people I've ever seen. They really can't do comical poses naturally, unlike Karyee and I. Multiple shots because Josephine kept requesting for a retake. Wei was just laughing and turning beet red at the side.

Their sense of balancing are really head shaking.

I was a bit self-conscious when we were posing for this. People were looking and as usual, Wei took a long time to take, prolonging the embarrassment. But it turned out nicely and it was worth it! 

But Karyee is really spontaneous, going along with my crazy ideas. We compliment each other more than just fine:)

We really used our strengths to push the cart, hahas!

"How ah? What are we supposed to do?"

Tell them to pretend to push, sigh.

Yeah, they should prolly stick to mainstream poses, suit them more.

or this.

These few shots are so funny because Josephine was so conscious of arranging her hair when Karyee went '1,2,3'. All of us were camera-ready except her, causing Karyee to fume and blow up because it wasn't easy to take a photo without a selfie stick. She and her aching hand, hahas!

I am always the odd ball, tsk.

Looking forward to the first staycation on the 24th with them, whoopie!

The pair of jegging made my thighs look horrendously fat and big. I have 1 or 2 whereby they look slim. I've never known that my legs are that big and here I am, thinking that black is supposed to make one looks skinny. Oh dear.

Last but not the very least,
Thank you all for the well-wishes and blessings. Simple gestures and messages made my day, knowing that you (all) remember the date where I had my first cry in the human world.
Cheers and here's wishing you an early Merry Christmas!
Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la~ 

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