Monday, June 24, 2013

You and I are more than friends,we’re like a really small gang

19 June 2013

Ho ho ho, it has been ages since our last meeting. Everyone is just so caught up with their hectic life-school, work,dating and what nots. The good thing about us is that we have no worries for awkwardness whenever we meet up. It seems as though as our mindsets auto tune in sync-just like those good old days with a bit of complications from life(well,still growing that's why!) 
Last minute notification works best for us. Pre-arrangements are a jinx,hahas!
I know we are weird and that pretty much explains our bond:)

To sum it up:
Dinner at Astons. Non-stop cameras snapping. A generous amount of Laughter. A tiny dose of Revelation. The tradition of updates. An unhealthy level of Haze. Last but not least, the irreplaceable company that made the week a better one 

I wanted to show off my pretty teal nails(teehee) but I don't think it is obvious:/ 
8+ years of friendship and still counting!;)
Though at times you drive me nuts with your words and actions but nevertheless,
I love you, babe

Here's to more antics, laughter, nonsense and what nots.

My favourite photo of the night

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