Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I struggled to speak, my voice catching with emotion. “I want you to know I really love you too—so much more than I could ever possibly show you.

I guess I’m going to try to give you the only thing I have left, and that’s my life. I've decided I’m not going to try to join you. After I read what you had to say, I feel like it would be letting you down if I tried to follow you. I don’t want you to think the things you tried to show me were in vain. I know you’d tell me I should be doing this for myself and not for you, but this is going to have to be good enough for a while because it’s all I've got right now."
 --Chase David Walker 

 "I wish you could see through my eyes. Just one time is all it would take for you to know the kind of person you really are. You've come so far though, but you don’t see it that way. You miss the lifestyle sometimes, so you feel that means you’re not truly trying to hard enough to change.

I just want you to be happy. I wonder if I’m failing you somehow because you make me feel so good all the time. I don’t know what I can do to make you feel the same way. It’s not that you aren't doing well, it’s just that you get down and don’t seem to think you’re worthy of the things you have. You are. You've worked hard for what you've got. I just want to stand on the roof and shout to world how wonderful you are."

--Nikki Marie Wagner

Oh gosh,Chasing Nikki is a fantastic book!
Sad ending but nevertheless,still thumbs up!
For those who wanna read the PDF version,the link is below:
Chasing Nikki PDF

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