Monday, February 4, 2013

Chasing Nikki

“So stop looking at the past and all the things you can’t change. They’re done and over with. Now is the time for you to look to the future, grasp it by the hand, and decide where you want to go. I told you once before, and I’ll say it again—this is your life, Chase. Only you can decide what it’s going to be like. Don’t let outside forces dictate it for you. 
But whatever you do, I hope you’ll always know I love you more than anything. You will always be with me wherever I go, because I hold you in my heart. You’re a piece of my very soul. Please … don’t ever give up." 
 --Nikki Marie Wagner

“I’ll do my best to make you proud, wherever you are. You’re a piece of my soul too, and I will never forget you as long as I live. Thank you, for everything. I love you.” 
 --Chase David Walker

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