Thursday, January 24, 2013

Punggol's By election

Okkkk,so I heard that it will be a 4-corner fight for the upcoming Punggol by-election. One candidate, Desmond Lim, captured my attention.
The 2 videos below are his rallies on different issues.

I am not promoting him or whatsoever,I just feel sad for him. Netizens are being harsh on him just because he cannot speak English fluently. Like come on, we are Chinese yet majority of us can't even speak mandarin fluently.Worse,some can't even speak proper English and Mandarin.So why are we criticizing others?
Cut him some slacks. Isn't the heart to serve the people and sincerity more important? What's the point of being able to speak English perfectly when one is all words but no actions?

Cited from Channel News Asia
He said: "Everyone is not perfect. The most important thing is that we are learning, and I'm learning and there are leaders at the beginning when they come into politics, their English is also not as good as mine, but nevertheless most importantly, is never give up and be sincere and have the heart to serve the people."

I second to that.He lost his deposit from the previous election yet he is trying again.Shouldn't we be applauding him for his never-say-die attitude?Shouldn't we be glad to have someone who is willing to serve the citizens? At the very least,he is putting in his utmost efforts,unlike some.

I am not against PAP,just making a comparison.I have no issues against any political parties.

I know some may wonder,if he can't speak well,then how is he going to speak up for us?If that is your primary concern,then fine,don't vote for him then.You don't have to show off your displeasure through comments.It just make you look ugly and horrible as a person.Hang on,I think ugly and horrible are understatements.

Honestly,I feel that Singaporeans are very difficult to please.Practically finding faults in everything;weather too hot-complain,weather too cold-also complain.I admit,I do complain at times but at the very least,my complains and criticisms do not bring down or pinpoint a human being.

For his never-say-die attitude and willingness to serve the citizens,I salute Desmond Lim.

Cited from Workers' Party
'I am also an ordinary Singaporean. I grew up in a three room HDB flat. I am not a high-flier or government scholar. I did not do very well earlier in my schooling years but I worked hard and made it to Ngee Ann Poly and eventually graduated from Curtin University in Australia. In order to ease the financial burden on my parents, I did part-time work when I was just 15 years old.' -Lee Li Lian

She really do sound like any one of us-not born with a sliver spoon in her mouth,neither a government scholar nor high-flier,struggles with studies,working part time to share the family's burden and etc.Comparing her to the PAP candidate with 2 cars,I feel that she understands our situations because she knows how it feels.

"Dr Koh said he and his family are proof of the success of Singapore's meritocratic system. Dr Koh said he is thankful that despite his humble background, he was able to attend medical school at the National University of Singapore and graduate as a doctor. He was also given government scholarships to receive training at top centres in the United Kingdom and the United States. Dr Koh worked for 14 years at Singapore General Hospital before setting up his own practice as a colorectal surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Explaining why he decided to enter politics, Dr Koh said when he was called to serve, he felt "duty-bound to stand and be counted". Dr Koh said he wants to help create the same opportunities to help other Singaporeans achieve their fullest potential." - Report in Today

"Therein lies the key difference between the PAP man and an equally capable opposition candidate. The opposition candidate looks beyond himself and his own experience to better appreciate what is going on in the system. Only the top 0.1% of the people have scholarships and get to same opportunities as Dr. Koh, more than two-thirds of every cohort does not get the chance to go to university to obtain a degree. 400,000 thousand workers have full time jobs but do not make enough to support themselves and their families. Singapore has the highest income gap in the developed world. Yet, you see PAP men and women, saying they want to get elected into parliament to serve but see no need for fundamental changes to the system."

Oh the irony,isn't it?Why will they want to change the system when they can succeed in it?

"All systems are good for some of the people most of the time, But the we need a system is good for most of the people most of the time to broaden prosperity. To achieve that outcome we cannot elect another representative whose stated objective is to support and preserve the system because he and his family have benefited."

I totally agree with this point.PAP should stop being complacent about their past winning streak.Younger generations are getting smarter and they know what they want.So PAP,how are you going to gain the trust and faith of the younger generations?

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