Friday, April 6, 2012

Blessed Good Friday!

Blessed Good Friday,everyone!

Mad rush to church today because I overslept,hahas!We had a passover experience!
Inside this box,there is half of a hard boiled egg,horseradish,apple,nuts and spices puree,ribena,parsley in saltwater and 2 very very small biscuits.
Each has a meaning.For example,parsley represents life and saltwater represents tears.horseradish represents the bitterness(because of the after taste) while the apple puree represents the sweetness of God's promises.

Needless to say,Ribena has always been used for every month's holy communion.This is to represent God's blood.

I admit!I fell asleep when the service was about to end.hahas!

Headed for lunch at Boon Keng and had coffee at City Square's toast box.Cousins wanted to play arcade.

Me and Anthea played basketball together.Not bad,considering the fact that we played together for the first time.But I know that this is not the best!hahas!

Played around with an iTouch camera app.the effects seems nice,not bad.hahas!

Next's up,Easter Sunday!

Oh gosh,my left quads is getting from bad to worse!
I have difficulties standing and walking around now.
Anyone has any idea or recommendations for recovery?
Like a sports masseur or something?I thought of trying TCM.

"A life without Christ is like a journey full of tears."

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