Friday, March 23, 2012

Elite training(cum eating) in Taiwan!

Just a brief summary of the trip,bits and pieces everywhere.hahas!My bads.

Horrible flight to Taiwan in the afternoon with lots of turbulence,like a roller coaster ride.My heart dropped quite a few times,hahas!It was night by the time we reached and it was 16degrees.Shiok weather,I like~
Got hungry and because it was drizzling and late,many shops were closed.So end up eating at a road side stall.
I have always wanted to sit and eat at this kind of stalls!Finally got my wish,hahas!
This is not photoshop!(I don't do photoshop). hahas,cool right?Good camera produces good quality of photos,hahas!
This bowl of noodle is awesome-ly shiok,perfect for the cold weather where vapour comes out from your mouth whenever you speak!(Y) Noodles are very Q(springy)!

The hotel that we stayed in for the past 9 days
Mass spam big bottles of Yakult in Taiwan's OK-Mart.Niceeeeeeee

We got around the places through walking and metro station(MRT).The map may seems complicated but it is understandable.
Woke up and we started exploring our area.Had our brunch in this place.

This bowl of Ku Rou Fan costs 20TWD(S$0.87) only!

Think this is Day...(counting and remembering)...I really cannot remember!hahas!We were going to one of the primary school to explore.

Chilling(or rather,waiting for instructions) outside the metro station.
We can never forget doing the jump shot!It is our trademark,hahas!

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