Sunday, February 19, 2012

You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself

Finally! The day for the revelation of the Angel and Mortal has arrived. It was a pretty funny scene (can check Facebook for photos and captions), lots of unexpected and shocked moments.Turns out that my angel was none other than TAY XIAO XUAN!hahahahahas!Should have seen the shock on my face.A few minutes before it was revealed,she confessed that it was a guy._.
Gave her ferrero rocher and kinder bueno.And what did I get back in return from her?2 packets of white chocolate kinder bueno,hahas!
The guys ah,forever up to something.They bought chicken essences for Christmas' gift exchanges,one per bottle.This time round?Large box with a small item,hahas!Can never predict what is their next move.

Got to say that it was a hilarious moment.

My mortal was KangQi.
4 kinder surprise and a card from her!:)
Aww,so sweet.
Now I'm gonna put on weight from eating chocolates,hahas!

All that 8 weeks worth of confusing,lying and mysterious atmosphere has been clear.
And that concludes the end of the Angel and Mortal game(:
I don't mind playing it again,kinda fun(:

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