Friday, February 17, 2012

It's my turn! for Take 5

Total Defence's Day on 15 February 2012 at Raffles Institution. Reporting time was 6.30am,cabbed down with Hui Ping.

So,Yi Sin and I were in charged of the Buzz Wire station.It was pretty funny,seeing those students with different facial expressions and reactions when they failed to complete,some scolded vulgarities and all.Both of us were laughing all the way.
Not the real picture but an example of what a Buzz Wire is.

Suay suay the machine broke down(wire came off).Because both of us have nothing to do,we went to join Hui Ping,Vivian and Marc at their booths.End up taking many photos,hahas!

The Awesome Channel 2 walkie talkies(Y)

After which,we took a ride in this,the light strike vehicle!
Hahas,awesome max!The drift is really shiokkkkkk!
Thumbs up!(Y)(Y)

Tiring but it was worth it!

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