Monday, January 16, 2012

Without a rich heart,wealth is an ugly beggar

It has been a busy period with school and training.
FYP report to be submitted during the Chinese New Year week.
Just submitted draft,need to find motivation to complete the rest.
UT is tomorrow and I just downloaded the 6ps.Awesome much.

Da yi and family came to Singapore for a visit.
I felt bad to them cause every time they visit,I am always busy so the time spent with them are actually not a lot.
Matthew is as tall as me now!&& he is just 13.hahas,that handsome boy;)
Sigh,I miss them the moment they went into the departure gate.I want to fly over to visit them this year end!Hopefully all goes well,time to start planning.

Somehow I feel that I haven't really been enjoying myself lately.Nightmares for 2 consecutive nights.tsk.
Sigh,need a life.

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