Saturday, January 21, 2012


Sagittarius don't like it when people are disappointed in them. It's a bummer to them.

Lower your hopes and expectations, you will live happier.

Sometimes,all I want is to talk to someone endlessly;about everything and anything
from my happiness to unhappiness to confusions to lessons
without being judged
without being pressured
without being misunderstood
without thinking
without fears
You know,like let everything out once and for all.I crave for that huge sigh of relief.I want that.

It's tough cause everyone has their own opinions.
Whatever you do
Whatever you feel
Whatever you say
However you look
Even if you never do anything
You will always be judged-that's the reality.
Sigh,regretting already:/

I shouldn't be feeling this way.
I should be happy because I get to eat New Year Goodies and get red packets.
But somehow deep inside,I'm not
and I wonder why:/

I hope sushi and sweets make me feel better tomorrow.

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