Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Facts about Sagittarius

"Truth hurts" doesn't apply to a Sagittarius. Lying does.

After Sagittarius' trust is broken, they will start to doubt you.

Sagittarius don't like to put people down, but they can if you cross their hard and strong line.

Sagittarius people don't make sense, but people are able to get what they're talking about.

Meaningless words barely mean anything to a Sagittarius, action does.

No one can relate to Sagittarius if you try to learn them really.

Sagittarius are sometimes or always indecisive, in their mind they are always thinking and plotting.

Sagittarius stand tall in their kind of way, they mind their business and they don't judge because they're curious.

When a Sagittarius is thinking about personal things, they would never tell anybody even if they asked.

Sagittarius often don't explain things well when they're caught at the spot.

In a someway, Sagittarius knows how to expect the unexpected.

Sagittarius have a common sense. They either could be street and/or book smart.

Sagittarius tend to choose wrong words and sentences when they are angry.

Sagittarius can be very frank.

Sagittarius is and always will be a child at heart.

When you hurt a Sagittarius, they ain't gonna ever forget because they don't get hurt easily.

Sagittarius wouldn't argue or correct anyone if they don't know anything about it. If they do, shut your mouth or look dumb.

Sagittarius will do what they please, they're not going to listen to what you want that they don't like.

Sagittarius don't just fall in love with you until they know you can keep them interested, but that's only if you're special.

Sagittarius loves lovers that are sweet, fun, understanding, and open minded.

Sagittarius can over react in a fight if you continue on fighting instead of fixing.

Sagittarius have a bad temper, but they don't always happen or last long.

It takes a lot for a Sagittarius to make a move for you at the first, you do it and they'll follow the flow.

Sagittarius rarely make a commitment, because they're just way too picky.

If u don't make a Sagittarius happy, they will search happiness from someone else.

In a fight with a Sagittarius, whatever mean things you're doing to them, they'll start pushing the buttons or just ignore you.

Sagittarius don't always like to be around somebody, they'd love their "alone" time.

Sagittarius hates being put on the spot. The most thing that they hate is being blamed for nothing.

Sagittarius are often misunderstood because they tend not to show their emotions and secrets.

So beware.hahas!

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