Sunday, September 4, 2011

What a smurfing day!

Church service in the morning.As usual,we were slightly late and it's holy communion today!
Pastor Sabrina: Do you know why males don't talk?Because when God created Adam,he was alone and has no one to talk to.That's why He created another being,Eve,the improved version.

Headed down to Cathay for Smurfs the movie!:D

Sing the happy song!La la la la la la,la la la la la~
Albeit it's annoying,the song is stuck in my head.hahahahahahas!

Had Ben & Jerry's ice cream.Shared a double brownie special with my cousin-Chocolate therapy and Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream on top of the chocolate brownie,top it off with hot fudge and grandolas.
Guilty pleasure;)
At least my mood got better.Ah~The wonders of chocolates:)

Time really waits for no man.It's September already!School's gonna start next month,got to enjoy the moments now to the fullest before it gets busy!
September,please be good.

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