Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Friends are the sunshine of life

Went into JB last Sunday after service.It has been 1234567890987654321years since I last set a foot into JB.Everything changed!Including the immigration place but the service is still as slow as ever-.-
Had secret recipe for lunch. The Tom Yam was shiokkkk!The frosty lemon tea was sour but I like(Y).hahas!
Went for a foot massage.It was...let's just say that it was a good experience(minus the pain part).
Had seafood for dinner.Woah,really 爽 to the max,haven't had such a hearty meal for a long time.Fat die me,hahahas!
Clayfish,Stingray,Cereal Prawns,Lala,Fried Egg,Veggie and Fried mini squids.


Met up with Shimin today.It has been ages since I last saw her.I think the last time I saw her was...during graduation?like(*counting fingers*)...2 years odd ago?
Anyway,good to see her.Chatted about the current and reminisce about the past.She's still as funny as ever,as in the way she say things.hahas!Never fail to make me laugh and shake my head in disbelief.
First time having Manhattan Fish Market,1-for-1 deal some more,hahas!Typical her.Still the same old friend,never change.


I...want to work at...WILD WILD WET!
hahahahahahas,random I know(:

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