Monday, September 26, 2011

Tchoukball takes on the Sun,Sand and Sea

Took part in the U-Sports Beach Games at Tanjong Beach,Sentosa last Saturday from 9am-6pm.Playing and officiating under the scorching hot sun gave me a darker tan,hahas!
And my sun-burnt skin from the previous week started to peel.Geez,talk about lagging.hahas!
Ohh and not forgetting Team Enliven which consists of the RP girls.Their first time playing 5v5 Tchoukball on sand.

Congrats to KBCC Team Genesis X and Y for getting 1st and 3rd respectively!:)

School's starting soon(5 October),which means I am gonna be a busy bee again.
School,FYP,Tchoukball,Work and etc.
Training sessions are increasing as TGT training starts this week at Kebun Baru Community Club(like where in the world is that?),9am!Oh my 天 ah,which means I need to wake up early.
Oh,&& I got myself a part time job.Only going to work when I feel like it.
I need to find time to meet peopleeeeeeee.So many people I have yet to meet up with!I need to save my social life.
K,I'm whining,I should stop before it goes on and on.
I'll whine to my 笨笨 instead,hahas!;)
Till then:)

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