Friday, October 8, 2010


Kay,holis are gonna end,like real soon.Class rooster is out.I am in the same class as Eric again!Gonna have so much laughters and fun with his sick perverted jokes.At least for now,I know that lesson time will not be boring;p
Gosh,this is like the third time I am stuck with Billy for the class thing(''_)
Myn and Ben are gonna be super entertaining too;)

Have been busy with trainings and whatnots.Too many things to update plus I am feeling a bit lazy.So yeah,anything just browse through the facebook photos.
I'll probably brief through the recent RP Tchoukball chalet
A mix chalet with the guys.

Some played pool whereas some went bowling.Results of the warm up round:/
well,at least I am not the last:)
Results of the second game.Though this is not the best score I ever had but at least I won.hahas!

Stayed up the whole night and went back on the second day.
The rest on facebook.

Gonna meet up the ladies this Sunday before school starts!;D
Right,at least my GPA is moving upwards slowly(phew) and my results were unexpected,in a good shocking way(double phews).At least there were no Ds and only a C in UT3(triple phews).

Friendly match tomorrow at NYJC at 9am.ahhh!must wake up freaking early;(

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