Monday, June 7, 2010

Mind moves Matters.

Marine Parade library to Tampines Library.Did researches,got resources but I don't think it is enough.Probably heading down to Bugis library.The thing is,I forgot to do referencing-.-
Anyway,met XX and PHP at Tampines.Slack at PHP house,again.
Played Poker,watched TV,ate lots of seaweed chickens,uncountable laughters and nonsense.

A few days ago,we(XX,PHP,Beck and me) had lunch at PHP's house and we (or should I say,PHP only since she refused to let us help her?) attempted to cook a fabulous lunch.All well went,the taste was there but the appearances...see for yourself.

We overcooked by 3 bowls!Irene came after her FYP and finished one bowl.
I love seaweed chicken!:D
This is an extremely good example of the phrase-do not judge a book by it's cover.
Though we were disappointed with the appearance,we were satisfied with the taste.*Thumbs up*

I realized I have been going to PHP's house quite often.She la,always invite me to her house.Whenever I laze there,I don't feel like going home.

APTC in 4 weeks time.Team mates,let's train hard and smart!

Standard Chartered never send me the confirmation email!DIE!XX IS SO GOING TO KILL ME!
For those who don't know,I signed up for the 10km run,or at least I tried.Now I don't know if I can participate:/

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