Friday, June 4, 2010

If I'd been easily discouraged, I could have been a one-hit wonder.

Ever gotten so discouraged till you don't know what to do?
Well,I have.

Yes,I am De-motivated due to lack of family support.There is no one in the family whom I can talk to.So racing droplets,you are the only one:/
I can sense that everyone is upset with me for being home late because of trainings-both school and outside.Grandma is concern with me because I am a girl.I feel guilty because my interaction with them decreases as I hardly sees them.All their upsets and worries are understandable.
But Tchoukball is something which I will never give up.It is my love,joy and passion.I think this is something that they will never be able to understand.
I've made up my mind.No matter how against they are,I will still be the opposition party.This is something that I want to do.It has always been and will always be.That's why I want to work hard and win to prove to them that all these are worthwhile.

But the thought of winning without being able to share the joy with them upsets me.I imagine the scene already,or rather,predict-I tell them the good news and everyone brushing me off like it is no big deal.Sure,my friends still encourages and motivates me,I thank them from the bottom of my heart.Their words really means a lot to me.
But family support is still the thing I've always wanted.They've been with me for all my life.I want to achieve something which will make them feel proud of me.Moreover,this is a big thing that is happening in my life and I never know when the next chance will come by.

Family's de-motivation is a million times worse than a coach's de-motivation.

Sigh.God,tell me what should I do.

Can I still carry on without their support?


Benard said...

Haha, got it from your fb (:
muhahaha when i am free, i am a stalker!!! lol jk, i ain't stalker
Dun worry, someday they will see the effort and the joy u get in it then they support you afterwards (:
Anything can complain to me (:
Here is my contact 92398735
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But you are my friends so -$49.90
the 10 cents, I dun want, keep it to drink coffee or what ^^
Cheer up (:

charLENE(: said...

Waa Bernard,thanks eh.hahas.Hopefully they will!:D