Monday, March 8, 2010

The wise person has long ears and a short tongue.

{Oh poor middle finger}

I figured out that I need to blog about something but nothing exciting/interesting/hilarious/fill in the blanks happened for these past few days/week,thus explaining the dead blog.
My daily routine includes training,eating,watching tv,disturbing Monty,sleeping.So my life is pretty mundane,for now.

Had been updating myself with kpop news because I have nothing to do plus the hot weather which got me lazy.I laugh at the comments and agree/disagree with the comments contributed by the hottest.For those who don't know,fans are very scary people.
A good example will be 2pm-their fame skyrocketed during the first year of their debut.But now,the fans(or rather EX) are bringing them down to the bottom.Honestly,I pity them.
Worse,now there is a war between international fans and Korea fans.This whole issue sounds ridiculous and funny but entertaining to me.At least I won't get bored from surfing the net.HAHA.

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